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CS:GO Gambling

CS:GO gambling: how to earn money in eSports betting business

CS:GO gambling is an opportunity to earn money on your knowledge of a popular computer game. Popular eSports shooter attracts attention due to its competitive component. Thousands of tournaments are held annually, during which a large prize pool is played. LAN events with the participation of the best players from different countries of the world are especially interesting.

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Main types of bets

The easiest option is to choose the winner (P1 or P2). It can be predicted both over the entire distance, and on a specific segment of the match. To get a win, you can analyze the pre-match layouts. Additional markets are popular among bettors.

  1. First blood (predicted by the team).
  2. Winner of the pistol round.
  3. The outcome of the first card.
  4. Accurate score in the match.

Additional painting includes even/odd. You can bet on the total number of kills for a certain period. Other options-setting a bomb or killing with a grenade. It is more convenient to fill out the coupon in live, watching the progress of the match during the video broadcast.

CS:GO Tournaments

Pros prefer to gamble on CS GO during mid-level and high-level tournaments. Minor-competitions with a relatively small prize pool. Teams that perform well at such events get a chance to participate in international events. Major-competitions of international level, where teams pass as a result of qualifying rounds or are invited by the organizers. Maps from the competitive map pool are used:

  • Dust2;
  • Train;
  • Cache;
  • Overpass;
  • Inferno;
  • Nuke;
  • Mirage.

When using the best-of-3 format, the meeting lasts up to two cards won. For best-of-5 – up to three. In these two cases, a draw is not possible, so bettors need to predict the winner or choose additional outcomes. The bo1 format is rare and is considered a single card.

Analytics and effective strategies

Bids on CS GO The RESULTS will be successful if the teams are analyzed in detail. Important nuances include motivation, teamwork, probable replacements, and locations. The chances of winning are higher for gamers who are familiar with the basics of the game and the position of teams. Pros recommend taking into account the performance of individual gamers. The result is influenced by psychological factors and the ability to act together.
When analyzing, you need to take into account the format of the competition. Important points include how to determine the leader and the number of rounds. Inflated odds are most often set for match-fixing. Suitable events held by well-known organizers.

How to bet on Counter-Strike

To gamble on CS GO, you need to register in the BC, entering true information in the questionnaire. The bet is made after adding funds to your personal account. Select the e-sport discipline and event, the match and the outcome. After clicking on the coefficient, a coupon opens, where the amount is deposited. It remains to confirm the decision and wait for the end of the meeting.